Our Mission


Design harmony
Form & function together
balance in all things

-Haiikuu Design Motto


1. Work with Integrity

Today's patient/consumer has very little quality information to judge a cannabis product other than the design. It is easy to let opinion sway what a patient/consumer should purchase, something that should be very conscious decision. With so much misinformation in circulation, it is of utmost importance that companies this new market sell high-quality goods in order to protect their patients and patrons.

Packaging design has been studied to be the most powerful influence on a potential customer. (Impact of Product Packaging on Consumer's Buying Behavior.) It is the first impression on a patient/consumer and can say so much about the quality of the contents inside. Many times, this hinders good products from reaching the people it should - but sometimes, it allows bad products to become popular. This is dangerous. 

We aren't interested in making more "wolves in sheep's clothes." Through good design and consumer education, we can give good companies the tools they require to truly succeed now - and in the future.  

The cannabis industry does not yet have any means of regulation but through ethical business practices we can and must regulate ourselves.


2. Design Thoughtfully

It's easy to be trendy but the companies that survive in the long run are original. We pride ourselves in our creativity and relish the opportunity to craft simple, unique creations in collaboration with your company. Creativity is not made in a vacuum, and our clients understand they are very much a part of the creative process.

We believe that the best designs are a balance of form and function. The ideal brand represents what a company stands for as well as what they sell. To create the perfect image for your targeted audiences, we employ Bauhaus and minimalist design principles.     

"Good design is long-lasting! It avoids being fashionable and therefore never appears antiquated."
-Dieter Rams

In addition, accessibility, user experience (UE) and consumer education are all key considerations when we create anything. With these aspects of design in mind, everything is possible. 

3. Build Relationships

No one is getting out of here alive. When it's all said and done, none of "this" matters other than the relationships we cultivate. We succeed when you succeed, our clients are partners for the long-run rather than strangers passing in the night.   

We are here to help you succeed in every step of the process and our expertise allows us to do just that. We have worked hard to build relationships in our industry and beyond to ensure if there is something we can't provide, we can still point you in the right direction. At Haiikuu, I's and U's are better as "twos," so let's get together and change the face of cannabis for the better.