Internship Program



Our Community Coordinator internship is a four-month internship for students or budding marketers interested in community building, communication, writing and visual communications.

Community Coordinators will be required to post to social media sites using our content management system called Later (check out later.com for more information on how it works). Our team will create content and direction for our Community Coordinator intern to schedule for review. Once scheduled the CCI will post to social media sites and interact with commenters. It's important to stay within the "brand voice" while maintaining a professional demeanor. 

This internship is a pathway to a part-time job with the company. To be determined upon review in December. This is an unpaid internship that will become paid after training. ($15/hr.)

This internship is a perfect entry position for those interested in marketing, media, design and the new cannabis industry. You will be required to learn about cannabis because we believe that educational marketing is one of the most important ways to get people to understand the quality of cannabis that is produced in Humboldt.

It's a plus if you're interested in design or if you want to learn the fundamentals of Adobe Suite but this is more of a writing job. 

We're looking for someone that is genuinely interested in grassroots campaigning and building the future of cannabis. 



Our Design internship is a three month program that will train interns in the fundamentals of visual communication including: graphic design, photography, illustration, color theory, typography, branding, brand systems, packaging, marketing and applied skills in Adobe Suite.

We believe that educational marketing is fundamental in shifting negative perceptions cannabis holds in mainstream society so we place a high importance in knowing the ins and outs of topics such as the endocannabinoid system, terpenes, cannabis varietals, cannabinoids, etc. You're not required to know this as a pre-requisite, we are looking for people who are willing and eager to learn. With that being said, reading will be a big part of this position.

Interns will assist with photoshoots, apply artwork to packaging dielines, create brand focused content for social media and learn the fundamentals of branding. We will be working with local companies to brand and package local (non-cannabis) products as a final project for the internship.

This is a pathway to a part-time position with the company to be reviewed in December. Position salary starts at $15/hr.

Applicants with previous knowledge of Adobe Suite are preferred. Interns will be required to have their own computer.